how we work

collaboration is at the essence of our process

Our Mission

Steelman Partners is a global architecture and design company that develops and delivers exciting, innovative, and connected solutions which enable the future of entertainment and enrich lives through the built environment.

Our vision

To create the next generation of world-class buildings, spaces, experiences, and atmospheres that continue to leave guests in awe and generate excitement through immersive experiences, cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and a streamlined design process.

our Process

At Steelman Partners, our approach to crafting immersive and captivating architectural experiences is rooted in a methodical and collaborative process. We comprehensively navigate each stage, from conceptualization to completion, ensuring seamless integration of architecture, design, and branding elements to create environments and structures that resonate with intended audiences.



Consulting with clients and stakeholders, we discern each project’s unique objectives, requirements, and aspirations, laying a solid foundation for a strategic framework that combines project viability, revenue projections, site location, and thematic storytelling. Our approach unifies stakeholders, paving the way for successful, impactful projects.



Steelman Partners’ design studios collaborate to create captivating and unforgettable designs, guaranteeing a unified experience encompassing architecture, interior design, 3D visualization, branding, lighting design, master planning, and graphic design.



As the designs take shape, we engage with clients and stakeholders in refining and perfecting every aspect. Through diligent collaboration, we fine-tune the project to ensure it flawlessly embodies the brand’s essence and enthralls the target audience, creating a lasting impression.

Leadership Team

Meet the Steelman Partners leadership team, comprised of the industry’s most talented and acclaimed architects, designers, planners, and artists.

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